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(the “Accommodation”)

The Hotel respects the rights of the individual guests, it has therefore prepared the following data management information that is electronically or on the official website of the accommodation facility is also available on paper.

The Hotel, as the data controller, declares that it is acting in accordance with the provisions of the following laws when processing the data.

The data management policy is in compliance with the data management legislation. It has been developed taking into account the provisions of the following legal acts:

▪ CVIII of 2001 Act on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services ( Eker . tv .)

▪ XLVIII. Act on the Basic Conditions and Certain Limitations of Economic Advertising ( Grt .)

▪ CXII. Law on Freedom of Information and Freedom of Information Act ( Info . tv.)

Data of the controller and processor

This Information Sheet provides general information on data management during the Services provided by the Hotel. Due to the diversity of the Guest’s requirements, the manner in which the data may be handled may sometimes differ from this Information, such variations may be made at the request of the Guest and the Hotel will inform the Guest in advance of the exact manner. The Hotel will provide information about any data management that may not be included in this Information Sheet prior to such data management.

Personal Data will only be processed by the Property for a predetermined purpose for the time necessary to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations. The Hotel shall only process personal data that is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose of the data management and is suitable for the purpose.

The validity of a legal statement containing the consent of a minor under the age of sixteen must be approved or subsequently approved by his or her legal representative.

In all cases where the Provider uses the data provided for a purpose other than the purpose of the original data collection, it shall inform the data subject, requesting its prior express consent or giving it the opportunity to prohibit its use .

Personal data obtained by the Hotel during the course of data management shall only be known to persons standing on behalf of the Hotel who have duties related to such data management.

data Treatments

Use of accommodation services

The provision of services among the stakeholders management of all data related based on voluntary contributions and aims to ensure service delivery and communication. Subject to the exceptions contained in the individual sub-clauses, the Personal Data contained in this section will be retained by the Hotel for a period consistent with applicable tax and accounting regulations and will be deleted after such time.

Room Bookings

For online, personal (paper based) or telephone bookings, the Hotel will request / request the following information from the Guest:

▪ first name ,

▪ surname ;

▪ address (city, postal code, country);

▪ email address ;

▪ mobile phone number

▪ credit / debit card / SZÉP card type;

▪ credit card number / bank card / SZÉP card number,

▪ Name of the credit / debit card / SZÉP card holder;

▪ expiration date of credit / debit / SZÉP card ;

▪ credit / debit card CVC / CVV code ( Master Card by card company Card Validation Code as (CVC2) and the Visa International Card Verification Value known as (CVV2) control numbers.)

For more information on managing your booking information, please contact by email.

Announcement form, guestbook

When using the Services of the Hotel, the Guest fills in a Hotel Notification Form whereby the Hotel agrees that the Hotel shall provide the following mandatory information, including the fulfillment of its obligations under applicable legislation (including, in particular, the Law on Tourism and Tourism Tax) and Manage it for the purpose of identifying a guest as long as the competent authority is able to verify compliance with the obligations set out in the relevant legislation.

By signing the application form, the guest agrees that the personal data provided to him / her by completing the application form will be processed and archived by the accommodation for the purpose of concluding the contract and proving its fulfillment and fulfillment within the above deadline.

▪ family and given names,

▪ home address

▪ nationality (data processed exclusively for statistical purposes and not traceable to the individual)

▪ place and date of birth

▪ identification of the travel document (passport)

▪ facility start and end dates recourse

▪ The treatment of the following data on third-country nationals is a legal requirement:

▪ visa , residence permit number

▪ time and place of entry

▪ Third-country national: Any person , other than a Hungarian national, who is not a national of a Member State of the European Economic Area, including stateless persons.

▪ EEA Member States:

▪ Member States of the European Union,

▪ Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as Member States,

▪ and Switzerland, the same legal status as a state.

The provision of mandatory information by the Guest is a condition of using the Hotel Service.

By signing the application form and the guestbook, the guest agrees that the Hotel will process and archive any personal information submitted to them by completing the application form for the purpose of concluding the contract or proving its fulfillment or fulfillment within the time limit specified above.

By providing the email address on the notification form, guests have the opportunity to subscribe to the Property Newsletter.

The Hotel will send information to the hotel upon request by writing to about the data processed in relation to the notification form and the guestbook.

Credit card details

The pension, credit card / bank account / SZÉP card information provided during the reservation will be used by the guesthouse only to the extent and for the time necessary to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations. The data is stored in a secure system, away from unauthorized persons. Take all precautionary measures practicable to prevent unauthorized access. Within 72 hours of logout, card information will be permanently and irrevocably destroyed.

Facebook page

The property is accessible via the Facebook community portal.

The purpose of data management is to share content on the Hotel’s website. The Facebook page allows the guest to participate in the sweepstakes and get the latest promotions .

By clicking on the ‘ Like ‘ link on the Property’s Facebook page, the data subject will contribute to the posting of the property’s news and offers on its message board.

For information about managing the Facebook page, see the Privacy Policy and Policies on the Facebook page at

Website visit information


The Website of the Hotel may contain links which are not operated by the Hotel, but are intended to inform visitors only. The Hotel has no influence on the content and security of the websites operated by the affiliated companies and is not responsible for them. Please review the privacy policy and privacy statement of the pages you visit before submitting any information on that site.

Analytics, cookies s

The guesthouse uses an analytics tool to track your website, which creates a series of data and tracks how visitors use the website. When you view a page, a cookie is created to record information about the visit (pages you visit, time spent on our pages, browsing data, exits, etc.), but which is not related to the visitor’s identity. This tool helps to improve the ergonomics of the website, to create a user-friendly website and to enhance the online experience of the visitors. The property does not use analytical systems to collect personal information . Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but visitors have the option to delete or reject them automatically. Because each browser is different, a visitor can individually set their cookie preferences using the browser toolbar . You may not be able to use certain features on our website if you choose not to accept cookies .

Remarketing code

The website uses tracking remarketing codes to track visits to specific pages to provide targeted marketing messages to visitors to those pages in the future.

The remarketing insurance codes cookies website visitors can disable the appropriate setting for that browser.


It is possible for anyone to contact the property manager via email . Messages will be handled by the Property until the request / question is resolved / answered, archived at the end of the request / question, and stored for 5 (Five) years.

data Security

The Hotel will keep your personal information confidential and will not disclose it to any unauthorized person. In particular, personal data shall be protected against unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, and against accidental destruction, damage or unavailability resulting from changes in the technology used. You will take all security measures to ensure the technical protection of your personal data.

The Hotel reserves the right to transfer the personal data it processes to the competent authorities and courts upon request, even without the consent of the data subject in the cases specified by law.

Rights and remedies


Within a maximum of 30 days of the date of submission of the request, the Property shall provide, upon request, to the Property’s e-mail address or to its address information relating to the same data processed by or on behalf of the data subject, their source, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the name, address and data processing activities of the data processor and, if the personal data of the data subject are transmitted, the legal basis and the recipient of the data transfer .

In the event of a possible refusal to provide information, the Hotel shall inform the data subject in writing of the provisions of the law under which the refusal was made and shall inform the person concerned of the remedies available.


If the personal data do not correspond to the reality and the actual personal data is available to the accommodation service, the personal data will be corrected by the accommodation service.

The accommodation service shall inform the data subject of the rectification and of any person to whom the data may have previously been transmitted for data management purposes. Notification may be dispensed with if the legitimate interests of the data subject are not prejudiced in view of the purpose of the processing.

The rectification of the application, the time limit for the settlement of the application and the possibility of redress shall be governed by the provisions of the information paragraph.

Delete and lock, protest

The deletion and blocking of personal data and any objection to data management shall be governed by the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Judicial enforcement

In the event of a violation of his or her rights, the data subject may take legal action against the accommodation service. The legal process is governed by the Data Protection Act and other applicable legal requirements.


The accommodation service shall be liable for any damage caused to another by the unlawful processing of the data of the data subject or the breach of data security requirements. The stakeholders over accommodation is also responsible for any damage caused by the data processor. The Hotel shall not be liable if it proves that the damage was caused by an unavoidable cause outside the scope of the data management. There is no need to compensate for the damage to the extent that it is the result of intentional or grossly negligent behavior on the part of the injured party.

Other provisions

The Hotel reserves the right to make changes to this Information.

The Hotel accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by the visitors of the websites or the Guests.

You can appeal to the National Data Protection and Freedom Authority at 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / C. Website: